Thursday, December 10, 2009

Rocks in My Shoes, Stickers in My Socks

copyright by Shannon Starks

Thanks to John & Sandra for the wonderful memories at Oswald State Park.

I went exploring up the hill,
Round the switchbacks, over bumps,
And when I went exploring, this is what I got--
Rocks in my shoes.

I searched for tadpoles in the pond,
Under rushes, through tall grass,
And when I searched for tadpoles, this is what I got--
Stickers in my socks.

I scrambled up a knotty pine,
Among the needles, near the sky,
And when I scrambled up there, this is what I got--
Scratches on my legs.

I took a field trip to the woods,
Down the hollow, across the creek,
And when I took a field trip, this is what I got--
Mud between my toes.

I made a voyage on the sea,
Aboard the white caps, past the cliffs,
And when I made a voyage, this is what I got--
Salt against my skin.

I skipped and jumped around the fire,
Along the benches, by the light,
And when I skipped and jumped there, this is what I got--
Sand stuck in my teeth.

I ran to catch the yellow moon,
After dark, beyond the shore,
And when I ran to catch it, this is what I got--
Cold like an ice berg.

So I went looking for my dad,
From the castle to the logs,
And when I found my dad, this is what I got--
Warm as hot chocolate.

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